Monday, February 03, 2014

New works at Succulence in Bernal Heights


Stop by Succulence in Bernal Heights to see some of my work.

My partner and I bought our Victorian in Bernal ten years ago.  The house needed a complete renovation, and a big part of the process was tearing out wood paneling, shag carpet, and dropped ceilings which were added to the house in the 1960's. 

In our house, nothing had been removed or fixed, it was just covered over in layers.  Pulling down the layers of drywall and wood paneling in each room uncovered layers of the history of the house, still intact.  I found a mylar-covered grow room, kid's writing inside corners of the closets, stashes of lollypop sticks in the bathroom, drawings on the plaster walls from the 1920's.  The one constant of the house was wood paneling.  Each room had at least one layer, including the bathroom.  I've uncovered the entire history of wood paneling in the house, beginning with the high-quality real wood panels from the  40's to all the fashionable shades of the 60's to the printed paperboard you can buy now.

There were so many varieties of wood paneling - colors and textures simulating a forest of different woods, it inspired me to begin working with it in my studio.

 Two birds, 2013, 20 in x 15 in

 Lightning bolt, 2014, 13 in x 32 in





Pomona, 2013, wood paneling and latch hook rug.